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    Lilo would have a bunch of kids and Stitch would love them all so get this sad crap out of my face because *starts sobbing*

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    Perhaps the fact
    that I chased a boy
    who ripped me to shreds
    says a lot more
    about me
    than it did about him.

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    I am the sea and nobody owns me.

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    As someone who has been in the lifestyle for 4 years now, I find 50 Shades of Grey to be a slap in the face to what a true Master/slave relationship is like. It gives three horrible misconceptions about what it is like to be in this kind of relationship.

    Those things are.

    • 1) M/s relationships are mostly about hot, kinky sex. This is not the case at all. M/s relationships are based on trust and for a man and woman to be in their natural state of dominance and submission. It’s about her trusting in him so much that she can give herself over fully and find comfort in pleasing him. Not just sexually, but emotionally and articulately .
    • 2) It’s okay to be in an abusive relationship if he shows you that he cares/loves you. Christian Grey is an abusive, manipulative asshole who prayed on a naive girl who didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Yes- everything might have been “consensual” but he fed off the fact that she was new to everything and was easily manipulated. Speaking from someone who has experience with a false-dom who did the exact same thing to me when I was new to it all, it’s a dangerous thing. It’s men like this, when it comes to the lifestyle that we are told by people who have more experience to avoid.
    • 3) Dominance, and wanting to live your life where you have order and control - especially in a M/s type relationship is caused by a dark past that a man has not gotten the proper help with, therefore with the right girl, he could “over come” those issues and find a way to be “normal.” Basically, a good-girl-can-change-a-bad-boy sort of thing, which is NOT the case. Natural dominance is not a mental issue or something that someone should have to fix. It’s primal.

    Those are my issues with this series. It drags my way of life through the mud and makes it out to be something that it it not. M/s relationships, when done correctly, are beautiful. It creates an amazingly strong bond between two people that is both rewarding and intimidating.

    Fucking yes bless this post

    I am literally so disappointed by this trailer- okay, with the fact that they even made this movie, actually. It reads like a horror film for Christ’s sake


    life with an eating disorder AND cancer vs. life with cancer. i defeated my mental illness and now i’m working on my physical illness. you may think that living with cancer is difficult and you would be right. but in my opinion, it can be one of the most enlightening experiences if you have the right mindset. i don’t wake up everyday morning thinking “well here goes another shitty day with this shitty cancer”, i wake up thinking “today is going to be a good day because i am alive and i choose to be happy over the shitty things”. life is so precious when you spend it happy. you don’t have to be dying to start living.

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